‘Dhritarashtra’ of BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’ wanted to join Air Force, know where and how his career is going now

The craze of BR Chopra’s TV serial ‘Mahabharata’ was tremendous at one time. Each and every character is still present in everyone’s mind. One of these roles was that of Dhritrashtra (Mahabharat Dhritrashtra), which was played by actor Girija Shankar. In his very first serial, he created such a place in the minds of people that even after 36 years, people have not been able to forget him. Girija Shankar is earning name in Hollywood these days and now lives abroad. Let’s know about his entire journey…

Mahabharata’s ‘Dhritarashtra’ wanted to join Air Force

Girija Shankar, a resident of Punjab, spent his childhood in Patiala. He never wanted to act. His dream was to join the Air Force but he could not clear the Air Force entrance exam and started doing theatre. After 5 years he came to Mumbai.

How was the reaction after getting the role of ‘Dhritarashtra’?

Girija Shankar started his acting career with BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’. In this serial he had to play the role of Dhritarashtra. When he got the offer, he became very nervous because he had no idea about this character. First of all he understood Dhritarashtra. After this, playing the character of a blind person was quite challenging but he worked hard for it and started going to schools in which blind children used to study.

Got recognition from ‘Dhritarashtra’ only

Girija Shankar has become immortal in the minds of people by playing the character of Dhritarashtra. After this serial, he worked in many TV shows and films but could not get the recognition that he got in the Mahabharata serial.

What is Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata doing now?,

These days Girija Shankar lives in America, where he is a famous filmmaker. Earning name by working in Hollywood films. But even today he has not forgotten his Mahabharata character and describes it as his most memorable moment.

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