Earning 18 crores in India and 1750 crores worldwide, the film released on March 1 defeated Missing Ladies and Operation Valentine.

Dune Part 2 Worldwide 10 Days Box Office Collection: There was a lot of buzz about Missing Ladies, which released on March 1 at the box office, and achieved the budget within a week. Whereas Operation Valentine seemed to flop miserably. But amidst the noise of these two films, there was one film which earned more in India than Missing Ladies and Operation Valentine. Worldwide this figure also crossed Rs 1700 crore. This is none other than Dune Part 2.

Denis Vilanov directed film Dune Part 2 has finally been released in theaters on March 1 after a wait of three years. The film Dune is based on the 1965 novel written by Frank Herbert. The film centers on Paul Atreides, played by Timothy, whose family, the aristocratic House Atreides, is drawn into the war on the deadly and inhospitable desert planet Arrakis. In the second part, Paul is seen taking revenge from the culprits of his family’s death, in which Zendaya’s character Chani and Freeman are seen helping him.

Talking about the collection of the film, Dune Part 2 earned Rs 17.01 crore in India. While the worldwide collection was Rs 1750.52 crore. Talking about the budget, it is said to be 190 million dollars i.e. 1580 crores. This much earning of the film in 10 days has left Missing Ladies behind in terms of collections in India. Kiran Rao’s movie has achieved worldwide earnings of Rs 10 crore. Whereas the budget is only Rs 5 crore. Talking about Valentine Operation, the collection was Rs 9.75 crores, while the budget is Rs 40 crores.

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