Even before its release, Mahesh Babu’s ‘Guntur Karam’ created a stir in foreign countries, left Salaar, RRR behind, earned so many crores

When the film of Telugu film industry superstar Mahesh Babu is about to be released, the craze of the fans is worth seeing. Fans not only wait eagerly for his movie but also rush to the ticket window. Especially Mahesh Babu’s action and Mahesh Babu’s romance make people crazy. Seeing this, the entire theater hall starts resonating with the applause of the fans. Similar situation may happen with his upcoming movie Guntur Karam, which is going to hit the cinema halls in just a few days. Almost a week before its release, Mahesh Babu’s film has left behind RRR and Salaar by creating a new record.

made this record

According to Instagram handle Telugu Fab, Mahesh Babu’s film Guntur Karam has become the film with the highest number of premiere shows in USA i.e. America. This is a new record in itself. According to this Instagram handle, Guntur Karam is going to have more than 5408 premium shows in USA. Whereas there were 5408 premium shows of RRR. In this case, Salar’s figure is only about half of these films. Salaar had only 2415 premium shows in America.

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Advance booking also continues

It is not just the number of premiere shows of this upcoming movie of Mahesh Babu that is winning. In fact, even in terms of advance booking, the pace of the film is quite fast. The craze of the film is going crazy among the American fans. According to media reports, the film has so far achieved pre-sales of Rs 2.49 crore. More than ten thousand tickets of the film are reported to have been sold in the UK. This trend is continuing in full swing in Canada and Australia also. It is believed that Mahesh Babu’s film will earn Rs 25 crore at the foreign box office on the very first day of its release. Can do business up to.

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