Even ‘Drishyam’ pales in comparison to Ajay Devgan’s film which came 22 years ago, it will be difficult to leave from the beginning till the end.

Ajay devgn pshycothriller movie: Ajay Devgan has worked in many thriller and action movies in his film career. Let the first solving Drishyam film be released on 2nd and 3rd October. Firstly, Ajay Devgan’s deep eyes which already seem to contain many secrets. His voice always has a touch of mystery on it. After that, when he brings some thrill or suspense on screen, it seems that every moment will be full of a new twist. Although many such films of Ajay Devgan are wonderful. But there is one film which if you sit down to watch, it would probably be difficult to get up from the screen. Do you know which movie that is?

amazing psychothriller

This movie is crazy. This film of Ajay Devgan was released in the year 2002 and the date was 25 October. The special thing about this film was that the film proved to be very strong in terms of collection also. It became the 11th biggest film of that year in terms of business at the box office. This psycho thriller movie was directed and the producer of the film was Nitin Manmohan. Apart from Ajay Devgan, Akshay Khanna and Urmila Matondkar were also in lead roles in the film. In this film, Ajay Devgan was seen in negative shade for the first time. The interesting thing was that he seems very positive throughout the film and the secret is revealed in the end.

Ajay Devgan gets confused every moment

Ajay Devgan’s character in the film is such that he confuses the audience every moment. Sometimes it seems that he is very innocent. Sometimes it seems that he is a quick-witted and angry person. And, sometimes they behave like a mental patient. Akshay Khanna, who is fighting a murder case in the film, also gets confused by her attitude. And they seem to be in a dilemma whether to save them or not. The character of Urmila Matondar makes the film more interesting. At last when it becomes clear what mind game Ajay Devgan was actually playing. Even the audience is surprised to know that. This film had done a business of around Rs 123 crore at that time.

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