Fan asked this Tanglan actress which team is her favorite in IPL, she gave such an answer, it rained questions.

Often many stars hold question and answer sessions with fans on social media. In these sessions, fans get a chance to ask questions to their favorite stars and the stars also answer their questions in a very funny manner. Shahrukh Khan often holds AskSRK sessions with his fans. Now this famous actress of South also held the same session and the actress’ answer to a fan’s question related to IPL is going viral on social media. We are talking about South’s top actress Malavika Mohanan. He has answered fans’ questions so clearly and honestly that fans are liking this side of him very much.

Malavika Mohanan organized an AskMaalavika session on Twitter for fans. In this a fan asked which is your favorite team in IPL? To this the actress replied that I do not watch cricket. Along with this, he has also shared an emoji. But his answer has drawn different reactions from fans. Some are calling it sad while some are making his old tweet viral in which he had described Virat Kohli as his favourite. Whereas some people are saying that watching movies is better than cricket. In this way, fans are getting a lot of reactions to his answer.

When a fan asked Malvika Mohanan about her crush, the actress replied that when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was released, I was very young at that time and Hrithik Roshan was my crush. When Malavika was asked about her favorite Telugu actress, she took the names of Anushka Shetty and Samantha.

Not only this, Malavika Mohanan also gave many information to the fans about her upcoming Tanglaan. She has dubbed her part of the film and she too has no idea about the release date. Not only this, she wants to play the role of lady gangster in future. Not only this, Malavika Mohanan will be seen with Prabhas in his next film Raja Saab.

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