Farah Khan told who is the most miser in Bollywood, asked for Rs 500 and got such a reply

New guests are seen every week in the Netflix show ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’. This week, film producer-choreographer Farah Khan reached the show with friend and actor Anil Kapoor. Where they had a lot of fun. But there came an occasion when he spoke openly about the ‘miser’ people of Bollywood. He also told who are the most miserly. Not only this, he called that person and asked for Rs 500 and got such a reply that the audience burst out laughing.

Actor Anil Kapoor is going to be seen with Farah in the ninth episode of the comedy show. During the conversation, when Kapil asked, “Who is more stingy between Anil and Farah?” So Farah said that both of them are very generous. But she added, “I can tell you who is the most miser in the industry. There is only one person, Chunky Pandey. I swear. Bring my phone. I will call him and ask for Rs 500.”

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After this, when she calls Chunky Pandey and puts the phone on loudspeaker, Farah tells him, listen, I want 500 rupees. In response, Chunky says, “Then go to the ATM, there is no.” Farah says, “Chunky, at least give me 50 rupees.” Then Chunky says hello? Who, what do you want? Hearing this funny story, the audience present there and Kapil Sharma, Archana Puran Singh and Anil Kapoor are seen laughing a lot.

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