Fighter Box Office Collection Day 6: Fighter continues to roar at the box office, the patriotism of fans did not diminish even on weekdays.

Fighter Box Office Collection Day 6: Not one or two but more than 17 films were released at the box office in January, including three Bollywood films. The first Merry Christmas, which did not do much good. Then came Main Atal Hoon, which achieved the budget collection. Then came Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s much-awaited film Fighter, which took off in such a way on the very first day that it lit the fire of patriotism in the hearts of the audience. Now the film’s earnings at the box office are worth seeing even on the sixth day. Let us tell you the box office collection of Fighter in six days…

According to box office tracker Saknilk, on the sixth day i.e. Tuesday, Fighter has earned Rs 7.75 crore, after which the film’s collection in India has become Rs 134.25 crore. The worldwide collection is Rs 215.8 crore. However, the film is yet to earn the budget of Rs 250 crore, which can be completed in the second weekend.

Talking about the earnings in five days, Fighter had an opening of Rs 22.5 crores on the first day, after which the collection reached Rs 39.5 crores on the second day. The film earned Rs 27.5 crore on the third day. On the fifth day the collection stood at Rs 29 crore. After this, on the fifth day of weekday i.e. Monday, the earning reached 8 crores, which is less as compared to weekdays.

It is noteworthy that films like Guntur Karam, Hanu Maan, Malaikotai Valiban and Captain are continuing to earn at the box office. It remains to be seen whether Fighter will achieve the budget collection on the second weekend or not.

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