Friends raised such slogans on Varmala, video went viral, made such dangerous demand, people said – are you friends or enemies?

Funny videos related to marriage often go viral on social media, seeing which sometimes one feels like dancing and sometimes smiling. In this series, these days a video of garland is going viral during the wedding, in which the groom’s friends are seen raising slogans for the sister-in-law and after hearing this, the poor groom is also crying with shame because he has to wash the broom, Here his friends are supporting his sister-in-law in getting the mop done. Let us tell you what happens in the video.

Sister-in-law, you get the utensils washed, we are with you…

A wedding video has been shared on a page created with the name tikesh.sonwani.96 on Instagram. In this you can see that the bride and groom are standing on the stage for the garland and from behind the voice of some friends is coming that sister-in-law, you wash the utensils, we are with you. Sister-in-law, you get the broom done, we are with you. Sister-in-law, you get the mop done, we are with you. Hearing these slogans, the groom also became embarrassed and laughingly told his friends not to do so, while the bride also started looking here and there in shame.

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Users said – very dangerous friends

This video of other friends teasing their friend during the wedding is becoming increasingly viral on social media and more than 71 thousand people have liked this video. One user commented that they are very dangerous people, while another user wrote that the groom must also be thinking that he had kept the snake till date. One wrote, this is called true friendship. One wrote that every friend is a bastard. So one user wrote, where do such strange friends come from? In this way, many users made funny comments on it and also called it the funniest wedding video ever.

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