From Khesari Lal Yadav to Pawan Singh, these Bhojpuri stars are fond of luxury cars, show off their vehicles worth crores.

Bhojpuri industry is a powerful package of glamor and entertainment. The stars working in this industry have their own special fan following and people are crazy for them. This is the reason why Bhojpuri industry has got a new identity in the last few years and the people working in it have also earned a lot. Today Bhojpuri stars live no less luxurious life than any Bollywood celebrity. There are many Bhojpuri artists who live a very luxurious life. Now how can it be possible to talk about luxury and not mention expensive vehicles? Many Bhojpuri stars have their own collection of luxury cars.
khesari Lal Yadav’s defender
Khesari Lal Yadav is one of the biggest names of Bhojpuri industry. He is also fond of luxury cars, which is why he has recently bought a Land Rover Defender for himself. As soon as you see this car, your eyes will be fixed on it. This is a luxury car but you can also do off-road driving with it. Its price is more than two crore rupees. Khesari Lal already has cars like Fortuner.
nirhua Expensive cars even near
Nirahua alias Dinesh Lal Yadav also has a collection of many expensive cars. He has cars like Range Rover and Fortuner worth crores. Nirahua has been seen many times in these cars. His fans like him a lot and read every information about him with interest.
Pawan Singh also has a great collection
Pawan Singh is counted among the most expensive actors in Bhojpuri industry. Pawan Singh has a collection of cars worth lakhs of rupees, he is seen in a different car every time. He has cars ranging from Mercedes Benz to Fortuner and Scorpio.

Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari are also fond of expensive cars
Apart from these actors, Bhojpuri cinema superstars Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari also have many expensive cars. Ravi Kishan’s collection includes everything from Jaguar to Mercedes, while Manoj Tiwari has cars like Audi, Innova and Honda City.

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