Gabbar Singh’s bandits used to steal biscuits from Ramgarh, it was not shown in the film, then where did this scene come from

Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan, all four actors were big stars in their own right and when they came together, they created history. Who would not remember their film Sholay. Today’s generation may not have seen the film but they must know the characters through memes. Especially Gabbar Singh whose dominance and status is still the same. Just imagine how you would feel if we tell you that the bandits of Gabbar Singh who spread terror in Ramgarh used to steal biscuits from the village. And these bandits were not ordinary ones, they used to steal glucose biscuits.

This scene was not shown in the film

On hearing this thing related to Gabbar Singh, you must be thinking that this scene was not in the film. Let us tell you that the information we are giving you is not wrong. But the only difference is that this is not a part of the film but an advertisement for glucose biscuits. In this you will see that Gabbar asks what did Kalia bring for me from the village? Then Kalia replies that I have brought biscuits Sardar. Gabbar spits out the biscuit as soon as he tastes it and then throws all the biscuits in the air and shoots them. After this he says that every child in the village knows that Gabbar only likes the real thing.

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Let us tell you that this ad was made by famous advertiser and film maker Kailash Surendra Nath. Commenting on this ad, Kailash wrote, this is my ad and I am proud of it. One wrote, this is an amazing ad. I had completely forgotten about it. Thank God there is internet.

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