Gabbar’s checkerboard is not in front of this villain, even Mogambo will be filled with water, Reet Oberoi, not Jai-Viru, had sensed his whereabouts.

There have been more than one villain in Hindi cinema. Sometimes the villain has scared the bald look by playing the role of Shakal in Shaan, sometimes he has given goosebumps by playing the role of Mogambo in Mr. India and sometimes the ferocious style of Gabbar in Sholay has given blood curdling. But he has also been a bit of a villain. In front of which all these dangerous villains of Bollywood are also seen laughing. There is another interesting fact which is related to this villain. Actually, every dreaded villain meets his end at the hands of the hero in Hindi films. But this villain, who appeared to be the most dangerous, was not killed by any strong action hero, rather it was Reet Oberoi who brought this villain to senses. Have you recognized who this villain is?

The name of the villain is Lajja Shankar

The name of this villain is Lajja Shankar. Hearing this name, you will definitely remember a person with a scary appearance. He is a man but is seen in a bright red saree. It feels like blood is coming out in the eyes. He wears a big round bindi and also wears a nose ring. Ashutosh Rana was seen in this type of villain’s getup. When he screamed with his blood stained mouth open, the audience would get goosebumps. Ashutosh Rana was seen in this dangerous getup in the film Sangharsh. In which Reet Oberoi was competing with him. Preity Zinta was seen in this character. Who overcomes all her fears and challenges Ashutosh Rana, who became Lajja Shankar, and also puts an end to him.

Such is the story of struggle

The story of the film is related to the disappearance of children. As Preity Zinta goes deeper into this world, she comes to know that children are being sacrificed for witchcraft. Ashutosh Rana has a hand in it. Preeti, who becomes a CBI officer, gets busy in saving the surviving children. Whom Akshay Kumar supports. Ashutosh Rana has become such a psycho killer who believes that by sacrificing himself he will become immortal. Preity Zinta and Akshay Kumar together attack him and evil comes to an end.

Sangharsh budget and box office collection

Sangharsh was directed by Tanuja Chandra and Akshay Kumar and Ashutosh Rana were seen with Preity Zinta in the film. The film was released on 3 September 1999. The budget of the film was around Rs 4 crore while it collected around Rs 10 crore at the box office. This film was liked a lot.

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