Gave competition to Big B in good looks, was ahead of Dharmendra-Jitendra in stardom, 2 affairs and 4 marriage did not even come to fruition, did you recognize?

There are very few stars in Bollywood whose presence makes any big star insecure. This child seen in the picture became such a star of Bollywood that the stardom of stars like Dharmendra and Jitendra also started wavering. The looks were such that Big B i.e. Amitabh Bachchan started getting challenged on screen. The speed with which this star rose to stardom, luck did not favor her in love. The star fell in love twice and got married, but till the end the star remained alone. Do you recognize which star is this picture?

Started films at the age of ten

This innocent looking child is actually star Vinod Mehra. Who have touched the heights of Bollywood. Vinod Mehra started working in the film industry at the age of ten. The period when Vinod Khanna entered Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan was the top star during that period. Apart from them, stars like Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra and Jitendra were also doing wonders in Bollywood. Meanwhile, Vinod Mehra came into the world of acting and managed to create his own special identity among these artists too. It was said about him that he used to compete with Big B in terms of smartness. And the stardom was such that even big stars like Dharmendra and Jitendra started feeling insecure.

two affairs four marriages

It is said about Vinod Mehra that he fell in love with Rekha and also married her. But her mother did not like Rekha. Vinod Mehra was forced to marry somewhere else. This marriage also did not last long and Vinod Mehra got into a new relationship. Vinod Mehra’s name started being associated with Bindiya Goswami. This relationship also ended suddenly. Vinod Mehra’s name was linked to a girl named Kiran. Both of them also got married. This relationship might have lasted but Vinod Mehra died just two years later at the age of 45.

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