Govinda revealed about his rift with nephew Krishna Abhishek, know what was the reason for the deterioration in relations

Famous star Govinda has been the heartbeat of crores of people in his time. Govinda, who gave superhit films, became an actor on his own and his acting, dance and comedy have entertained people a lot. Govinda’s nephew and famous comedian Krishna Abhishek also probably has the influence of his uncle and he is also known for his strong comedy. But it is said that due to some reasons there was tension in the relationship between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek. There has been no communication between the two for years and sometimes even heated arguments take place. Recently, there was talk of Govinda not coming to the wedding of Govinda’s niece and Krishna’s sister actress Aarti Singh, but Govinda not only came but also brought his son Yash along and this put an end to the news of tension going on between uncle and nephew. Gave. What could have been the reason that the relationship between Govinda and Krishna had turned sour? Let us know from Govinda himself what were the reasons.

Finally Hindu ritual of worship Uncle Govinda arrived at Singh’s wedding.

Uncle Govinda was seen attending Aarti’s wedding with full enthusiasm. With the arrival of Govinda, the ice in the relationship between uncle and nephew has melted and it is being said that the relationship between them has become good again. Govinda has also expressed his opinion regarding this matter in an interview. Govinda said in the interview that he has no idea why people talk about bitterness between him and Krishna. Govinda said that Govinda said that he is upset with Krishna because Krishna has said many times that uncle did not come to see his sick child. Govinda said that Krishna has said this many times but this is wrong.

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Tweet became the reason between Govinda and Krishna

Govinda said that when Krishna’s child fell ill, he along with his wife Sunita went to the hospital to see the child. There he also saw the child, then he was told that he could not go near the child. He felt that this may have been said due to infection or other reasons. Govinda said that it is not that he did not go to see the child. He went and also saw the child. But Krishna does not accept this and in whatever interview he does, he repeatedly says that uncle did not come to see his children. Let us tell you that the strain in the relationship between Govinda and Krishna started about eight years ago. It is said that the alleged tweet of Krishna’s wife and actress Kashmir Shah was also involved in this spat. Kashmira had tweeted that some people dance for money. Govinda’s wife Sunita felt that this tweet was made for her family and due to this there was distance between the uncle and nephew’s families.

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