Gullak 4: Get ready to laugh while sitting with your family, the fourth season of ‘Gullak’ is coming to connect hearts with laughter.

In the world of OTT, a web series has also been made which makes you feel like you are yourself. Yes, if you have seen the era of 1990, then you will definitely be able to feel the collection from the popular web series ‘Gullak’. This is one of those selected web series which you will not only be able to watch while laughing with your entire family but will also be able to refresh the memories of the bygone era. The story of this web series revolves around a middle class family which a normal family faces every day. This story of Mishra family sounds absolutely like our own. This is the reason why it has touched the hearts of the audience. So if you have seen the first, second and third season of this web series and are waiting for the fourth, then there is good news for you. The fourth season of the web series is going to hit OTT soon.

Web series ‘Gullak’ is coming to tickle again

Actually, Aman Mishra or alias Harsh Mayer, the youngest son of Gullak’s Mishra family, has shared a picture on Instagram. This picture is indicating that Gullak’s Mishra family is going to come to your house once again soon. All the famous characters of Gullak web series are seen in this picture. The picture is of Gullak set of 4. While sharing the photo, it is written in the caption, ‘These four people together… it can only mean one thing. The audience should now be ready for the fourth season.

Excitement increased among fans regarding Gullak 4

How much fans are waiting for Gullak, the web series that will make everyone laugh and tickle, can be seen on Harsh Mayer’s Instagram post. The news of Gullak’s arrival on Instagram has thrilled people. Most of the netizens are commenting on the photo and asking about the arrival of Gullak 4. One user showed over excitement and asked, now will you tell the release date or will the photo game last longer? Commenting on the photo, another user wrote, These two look more like brothers and sisters than mom and dad. Along with the smile, their nose also matches. So just fasten your seat belts because Gullak’s Mishra family is coming to your house soon to make you laugh.

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