Gullak Season 4 Review in Hindi: The sound of Gullak diminished by the time season four arrived, know how the web series is

Gullak Season 4 Review in Hindi: A middle-class family. Two sons and parents in the family. The daily struggle of the family. Sweet and sour banter. Tales of the streets. TVF’s web series Gullak brought such a story. This web series entered the OTT world with a story that was lost somewhere in the noise of crime, sex and horror content. Three seasons of this TVF series came and all three seasons made a place in the hearts of the fans. Now the fourth season of Gullak has been released. The web series has been released on SonyLiv and the story of Gullak has moved one step further. Gullak Season 4 has five episodes and it is directed by Shreyans Pandey. Let’s know how SonyLiv’s web series Gullak 4 is.

Gullak Review

Gullak 4 Story

The Mishra family is back. The kids have grown up now and the problems that come their way are different. The elder son of the Mishra family is embroiled in office problems and the fight against corruption is also a part of his life. Aman has now reached the threshold of youth, so his behavior and new experiences are also a topic of discussion in the family. In this way, the Mishra family has moved a step ahead and now parenting has also become a part of it. Overall, the language and behavior of the characters in Gullak is the same as before. However, just like TVF has changed the atmosphere in Panchayat, the atmosphere in Gullak has also changed. The matter is getting serious.

Gullak 4 Trailer

Acting in Gullak 4

Jameel Khan has played the role of Santosh Mishra, the head of the Mishra family. This time too he is in full form. He has gone deep into the role of a father. Then Geetanjali Kulkarni was given the role of mother i.e. Shanti Mishra. Geetanjali is also great in acting and her expressions and emotions of a mother are amazing. Vaibhav Raj Gupta is in the role of Anand Mishra aka Annu, his one-liners and dialogues make an impact. Harsh Mayer is in the role of Aman Mishra and his work is also fine. Sunita Rajwar in the role of Bittu’s mother hits the target. Overall, there is a lot of tinkling in the piggy bank in terms of acting.

Gullak 4 Verdict

Gullak 4 has the Mishra family. It is a glimpse of a middle class family. It has its problems. There are changes in the son growing up. But with the fourth season, the old sparkle of Gullak has definitely diminished. But with only five episodes, this series narrowly escapes, because at some places things seem stretched too much. The length of the episodes has also increased a bit. Overall, the magic that the three seasons have created makes the fourth season worth watching…

Rating: 2.5/5 stars
OTT: sonyliv
Director: Shreyans Pandey
artist: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harshash Mayer, Sunita Rajwar, Shivankit Singh Parihar and Helly Shah

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