Guntur Kaaram Review: Review of Mahesh Babu’s film is here, read social media review of Guntur Kaaram.

Guntur Kaaram Twitter Review: Mahesh Babu (Mahesh Babu Movie) is counted among the finest actors of South. At the same time, Bollywood is also not unaware of his identity. Meanwhile, amidst the release of three films on January 12, Guntur Karam has been released, which is getting love from the audience. There is excitement about Guntur Karam on social media since morning, due to which Guntur Karam review is seen trending on Twitter. So let us tell you the Twitter or social media review of Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram (Guntur Kaaram Social Media Review)…

Guntur Karam, released on January 12 with Captain Miller, Ayalan and Hanuman, has been a craze among the fans since the beginning. At the same time, this film seems to be winning in terms of box office collection on the first day. However, the audience seems to have different opinions about the film.

A user has reacted with fire emoji while dancing to the song of Mahesh Babu’s film in theatres.
Another user wrote, Average first half with good second half. The third user showed a glimpse of the inside of the theater and wrote, ‘He is going to set fire.’

The fourth user wrote, Excellent first half, in which Mahesh Babu showed one of his best performances. The comedy was really good.

Let us tell you, the pairing of superstar Mahesh Babu and movie director Trivikram Srinivas in Guntur Karam is going to create a stir at the box office and it is being said that the film will earn Rs 40 crore on the first day.

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