Had a habit of paan and cigarette, fans used to hate seeing the role of villain… Rishi Kapoor had once shared the photo of this villain, did you recognize him?

Earlier, in the films made in Bollywood, it was considered necessary to have a villain along with the hero and heroine. But in the 40s and 50s, one villain had captured Bollywood to such an extent that he was seen as the villain in almost every film. The expressions on his vicious face used to give shivers to the heroines. Along with villainy, this villain appeared as a character actor in many hit films and defeated the hero. If you are not able to recognize this villain then you need to remember the films of the forties and fifties. Actually, the same dangerous villain is hiding in the guise of this woman wrapped in saree.

Who is this beautiful woman?

If you are still unable to identify, then let us help you. The beautiful woman wrapped in saree is actually Bollywood’s brilliant villain Pran Saheb. Yes, the same Pran Saheb who you see in evergreen films. Piercing everyone with his powerful voice and sharp gaze. There was a time when people used to get scared after seeing his crooked laugh and staring eyes on the screen. During his era, people had stopped naming their children Pran. At that time, Pran Sahab’s villainy was such a hit that heroes started shying away from doing films with him. Pran Saheb surprised everyone with his brilliant acting through super duper hit films like Zanjeer, Don, Ram Aur Shyam, Kashmir Ki Kali, Bobby, Kalia, Upkaar, Sharabi and Milan.

This is how I got entry into Bollywood

It is said that Pran Saheb’s addiction to paan and cigarettes showed him the path to Bollywood. Actually, Pran Saheb used to go to a paan shop to eat paan. Famous film writer Wali Mohammad also used to come here. He saw Pran and liked his face for the villain in his film. He asked Pran to meet him there. But Pran did not pay much attention to him at that time. After a few days, Wali Mohammad himself came to meet Pran Saheb and asked why he did not come to meet him. When Pran Saheb asked him what was the reason, Wali Mohammad said that will you work in my film? After a lot of persuasion, Pran Saheb finally said yes and thus Pran Saheb made his debut in Hindi films through Wali Mohammad’s film Yamla Jatt.

As much I got as much hate as I got hits.

When Pran Saheb went to Mumbai after partition, after spending a few days in poverty, he got an offer for the film Ziddi. Dev Anand was with him in this. The film was also a hit and Pran Saheb started getting many offers. But on one hand, while his success was increasing, people started hating his villain character. He used to get so engrossed in his acting that people even started calling him a goon and a scoundrel after seeing him on the street. It was because of the fear of Pran sahib that expensive stars started getting scared of doing films with him. In that era, where Pran Saheb gave his life as a dreaded villain, many of his character roles are still remembered.

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