Hanu Man Box Office Collection Day 1: ‘Hanu Man’ made huge earnings on the very first day, the film earned so many crores

Hanu Man Box Office Collection Day 1:Superhero magic is going to be seen very soon at the South Indian box office. The name of this super hero is Hanu Maan. A film with the same name has also been prepared which is going to be released on 12th January 2024 i.e. tomorrow. Teja Sajja will play the role of Hanumanthu in this Telugu superhero film. The good news for the film is that it is getting tremendous advance booking. However, this booking is much less than Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Karam. But it is considered good enough for the film. The film is getting good response since receiving advance booking. Which is also indicating that the film will get a very good start.

Advance booking report of the film

Talking about the world wide figures, the film had achieved bookings of Rs 4.5 crore till Thursday morning itself. If we talk about advance booking of All India alone, this figure has reached Rs 2.5 crore. The film has collected Rs 1 crore in Hyderabad alone. Talking about entire Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, advance booking of the film worth Rs 2 crore has been received from here. Apart from this, the film has received advance booking of Rs 20 lakh in Bengaluru. Whereas advance booking worth Rs 0.4 crore has been done so far in entire Karnataka. However, these figures are very small in comparison to the advance booking of Guntur Karam. But they are considered much better according to the budget of the film.

Hanu Maan is super power movie

Artists like Teja Sajja, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Amrita Iyer, Vinay Rai and Venalla Kishore are present in this film. The film is the story of a village named Anjanadri. It is believed that Lord Hanuman himself gives him his powers to be the protector of this village. Hanumanthu Bane film’s lead actor Teja Sajja has also got similar powers. Who is always ready to protect his village.

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