Have you always been eating jalebi in the wrong way? Bahubali’s Devsena told what is the right and perfect way

If you are from India, you must have definitely seen Jalebi. Who knows, it might be your favorite too. Have you ever thought about the right way to eat it? Haven’t you? You might be thinking what are we talking about, but the way to eat Jalebi is different for everyone. We also keep teaching something or the other to someone every day. Now, for now, we are not going to show any of our local lessons, but a tutorial video of South’s famous actress Anushka Shetty, in which the actress is telling how to eat Jalebi.

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What is Anushka doing in the video?

In the video you will see that Anushka is at an event. Here she was seen showing the way to eat Jalebi. Anushka said first hold the Jalebi with both hands and then finish the whole Jalebi in one go by chewing it slowly. This method of Anushka may be strange but the way she showed eating Jalebi looks very funny. Seeing this, fans are not able to stop laughing. Fans are making different types of comments on this video. One wrote, at least these are good actresses who cannot eat anything because of sugar. One wrote, the bow that has been put on the hair in editing is very cool. One said, who can think that Devsena of Bahubali can also do such cute actions.

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