Have you seen Dharam Paji’s mother-in-law’s picture? You will understand why the dream girl is so beautiful after seeing her

When we talk about Bollywood’s He-Man Dharmendra, his personal life is also mentioned. Dharam Paji’s life has been like an open book. Be it his film career or his second marriage with Hema Malini, he never hid anything from anyone. Dharmendra, who lived his life in a carefree manner, maintained a good balance between both his families and never let anyone’s mind get into anything. This upbringing of his is also seen in his children today. You must have seen many pictures of his family, but today we are not going to show you the picture of his children or wife, but of his mother-in-law.

Dharmendra’s mother in law’s photo

In the picture given here, you can see Hema Malini posing with her hand on her mother’s shoulder. Looking at this, one can understand where Hema got her big eyes and beauty from. Hema Malini’s mother’s name was Jaya Chakraborty. She was the one who always supported Hema Malini’s career not only as a Bharatnatyam performer but also as an actress.

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Mother also kept giving advice in career

Jaya always guided her daughter Hema in matters of career. Hema once told in an interview that it was her mother who asked her to sign the film Baghban. Hema said, I was very hesitant to sign this role but my mother said, no, you should do this film. This story is very good. I said okay I will do this film. I was not doing films before this. I was working after a long gap, so I was thinking why should I do this film? But I did this film on my mother’s insistence.

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