‘Haven’t talked about cricket even for 7 minutes in seven years’, what did Gautam Gambhir say about Shahrukh?

Get ready to hear the inside scoop on the team’s work with the Knights’ Dugout Podcast. Yes! This is the latest offering of Team KKR, which looks very interesting. Let us tell you that this seven-episode podcast is being launched today. The podcast is going to be a wild ride of real conversation, full of funny stories, and lots of laughs. It is being hosted by renowned comedian and biggest cricket fan Cyrus Broacha.

Gautam Gambhir and Manish Pandey are going to be seen in the first episode of Knights Dugout, who were not in the same team for seven years, but have come together again in KKR. During this time, he has spoken openly with Cyrus Broacha, in which he has shared stories of his cricket career and his strong bonds with KKR.
When asked about Sunil Narine’s brilliant performance, Gautam remembered his international debut match in Indore. He said that in just 7-8 balls he knew that Narine would become a legend in T20 cricket. Gambhir also shared his views about winning the IPL and said, “It is not always the most talented team that wins the IPL. Only the team that has the most courage and is ready to fight till the end is successful.

Gambhir also spoke warmly about KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan and said, “I have said many times that he is the best honor I have ever had. During my seven years as captain, we have never had the best cricketer.” I didn’t even talk about it for seven minutes. In difficult times, I talked to Shahrukh Khan about this and he just said, “As long as you are here, You will not remove yourself from the team.
Talking about Gautam, Manish Pandey said, “The energy he brings to the team is really inspiring. You can just look into his eyes and see how serious he is. He is there for every player till the end.” Support makes you want to give your best for the team. Talking about the IPL 2014 final, Manish Pandey said, “It was a really special day for me. We had to chase a big score, but I was full of confidence because I was in good form. I am happy that we were able to get a win for KKR”.
This episode will be full of excitement and surprises as Gautam and Manish will also see memes about themselves and talk about them. He will also talk about why he likes KKR so much. Fans will definitely want to hear these interesting stories and personal moments. In the upcoming episodes, you will hear from famous cricketers like Shreyas Iyer, Nitish Rana, Rinku Singh, Abhishek Nair and others. In seven episodes, you will get to hear interesting stories and information related to the lives of these cricket stars.

Listen to “Knight’s Dugout” on all KKR social media platforms and the Nightclub Plus app starting today, April 20. Two new episodes will be released every Wednesday and Saturday. Get ready to laugh, be happy and enjoy cricket more than ever before.

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