Hema Malini was adamant on working with this hero and not Dharmendra, she even got Dilip Kumar removed from the job

When any actor or actress is at the peak of success, then his name becomes popular in the film world. Then he works in films as per the wish of the director or producer, but with his own conditions. These conditions often include choice of clothing, team members, and most often the star. One such incident related to Hema Malini is famous, when she was adamant on choosing a hero in the film. The surprising thing is that that hero was not Dharmendra, who has been her love from the beginning till now. This is the hero who once recommended Hema Malini’s name. Hema Malini had paid the same loan with her stubbornness.

Hero changed in this film

Hema Malini was at the peak of her career in the 80s. Then she used to work in films on her own terms. During this period he was offered the film Ek Nayi Paheli. The director of the film was K Balachander. The makers wanted to cast Dilip Kumar or Sanjeev Kumar in this film. When Hema Malini was contacted for the film, she asked about the co-star. After hearing the name of Dilip Kumar or Sanjeev Kumar, he recommended the name of Raj Kumar. And she kept a condition that she would do the film only when her opposite would be Rajkumar. The makers had to succumb to his insistence.

Repaid an old favor

Actually, Raj Kumar had an old loan pending on Hema Malini. The film’s director Sushil Majumdar wanted to cast Vyjayanti Mala in the film Lal Patthar, released in 1971. But Raj Kumar put a condition for casting Hema Malini. The makers had to bow down to his insistence. Hema Malini was very new in the industry at that time. This opportunity proved to be a good break for him. Hema Malini had borrowed the debt of this film in a new puzzle film.

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