Hey brother Pushpa, what have you done, the song ‘Pushpa Pushpa’ from Pushpa 2 was like a brick somewhere, Pushpa Raj added the clan.

Pushpa says he will not bow down. Pushpa Raj says that he will not bow down at all. But the first song of Ye Kya Pushpa 2, Pushpa Pushpa, gave a shock. Fans were eagerly waiting for the song of Pushpa 2. But what is this. Pushpa broke my heart. Of course, the lyrics of Pushpa’s song are quite catchy. But a part of Pushpa Pushpa song seems inspired. Yes, after listening to the Hindi version of Pushpa Pushpa song of Pushpa 2, you can understand this in a minute. This part has been sung by Mika Singh. As soon as Mika Singh starts singing, the mind starts moving here and there. The tune of the old song starts resonating in the mind. Everything seems hearsay. After listening to this song on repeat, it is immediately understood that Mika’s version of Pushpa Pushpa song seems to be inspired by the song Patakha Guddi from the movie Highway. Its tune immediately takes us to the world of Patakha Guddi.

Not only this, film analyst Christopher Kanagaraj has also shared a video in which it can be seen that this is a scene from the film. In which some people are speaking many words in such a way, just like Pushpa are the initial words of the song Pushpa.

Of course this could all be a coincidence. But such a coincidence with a big franchise like Pushpa definitely forces one to think. The music of the film has been given by Rockstar DSP i.e. Devi Sri Prasad who also gave songs like Srivalli and Oo Antava. Anyway, DSP is a famous musician of South.

The budget of ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’ is said to be around Rs 500 crore. In such a big franchise film, such coincidences are not liked. Sukumar is directing the film. Pushpa 2 is going to release with a bang on 15th August. But it should always be kept in mind that every part of a franchise film should be leveled up, only then it can stand the test of the audience. Examples of which are many Hollywood films.

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