‘I have nine bangles in my hands… but the girl gave a tribute to Sridevi by dancing, fans said – ‘Sri Devi has returned’

Whenever there is talk of combination of dance, expression and acting, Sridevi’s name will come first in Bollywood. Whose dance has no comparison and the expressions on the face with that dance simply touched our hearts. Every act of Sridevi made one believe that there could be no one else like her. But who would have thought that a little girl would prove this wrong and make us realize that Sridevi might have returned. Seeing the girl’s dance going viral on social media, like other fans, you too might say that this is the little Sridevi.

Danced on Sridevi’s hit song

Sridevi danced on a very hit song in the film Chandni. Or we can say that the song became a hit because of Sridevi’s dance. This song was ‘Mere Haath Mein Naun Naun Chudiya Hain’. In this song, Sridevi’s eyes widen and her waist flexes. Sometimes being shy and sometimes showing off everything was wonderful. A girl has copied that dance and her expression exactly. The dance video of this girl has been shared with the Instagram handle named Bhumika Come Dance. Who is dancing on the song Nine Nine Bangles in My Hands wearing a red lehenga. Along with the big eyes, the expressions and actions are also the same as Sridevi’s. It is also written in the caption that this dance is a tribute to Sridevi.

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Sridevi took another birth

This girl’s dance is gaining a lot of headlines on Instagram. Seeing this dance, a user wrote that Sridevi took another birth. One user wrote that she looks exactly like Sridevi and her acting is also the same. One user wrote that this girl has the soul of Sridevi. Another user wrote that there are no words for this girl. May it not be visible.

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