If you have some free time on the weekend, watch Dilli Ki Bahu Patna Ki Saas, you will connect with her from the first scene itself

Delhi Ki Bahu Patna Ki Saas Full Bhojpuri Movie: The craze of Bhojpuri films is on the rise among the people. After the release in theaters, the makers upload the film on YouTube, due to which those who are unable to watch it in theaters watch it on YouTube. One such film is Delhi Ki Bahu Patna Ki Saas. This film was uploaded in January this year and till now more than 65 lakh people have seen it. Talking about the starcast of Delhi Ki Bahu Patna Ki Saas, Aditya Ojha, Sanchita Banerjee, Santosh Srivastava, Santosh Yadav, Nidhi Singh, Sonia Mishra, Rinku Bharti have been seen playing important roles in it. The film is directed by Ajay Kumar Jha. In this Bhojpuri film, fans got to see such an avatar of Nidhi Singh which they had never seen before.

Talking about the story of the film Delhi Ki Bahu Patna Ki Saas, a girl from a big house in Delhi gets married to a boy from Patna. The mother-in-law lives in Patna. When she goes to her in-laws’ house after marriage, she does not know how to do such things. After which she gets upset after going there. The bickering between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is shown.

Delhi’s daughter-in-law and Patna’s mother-in-law Bhojpuri full movie

After watching this film on YouTube, fans are making a lot of comments. One wrote- ‘A very beautiful film for the family, there is probably no such film…’ While another wrote- ‘I am watching this film for the second time.’ One wrote- It was a very good film, my heart was filled with joy. One wrote- It has been shown very well in this movie, this is happening. People are making a lot of comments after watching this film.

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