In Ramayana, the Kumbhakaran slaughter scene was shot without VFX and advanced technology, these 4 things were used

The magic of Ramayana still resonates with people and perhaps this is the reason why whenever it is telecasted on TV, people go crazy to watch it. Let us tell you that Ramayana was shot 37 years ago and at that time technology was not so advanced. There was no time for VFX at that time. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the interesting story of the killing of Kumbhakaran in Ramayana. Let us know how this entire scene was shot.

At that time, when the scene of Kumbhkaran’s killing was shown, the audience started crying. Famous Gujarati actor Nalin Dave played the role of Kumbhkaran. Sunil Lahiri had once told how the Kumbhkaran killing scene was shot. He had said, “There is a fight between Ramji and Kumbhakarna. When Ramji shoots the arrow, each and every part of Kumbhakarna’s body gets cut off. Hands fall apart. Torso falls apart. Neck falls apart. All these The effects were done on Chroma”.

Sunil Lahiri had further said, “Chroma was such a beautiful thing at that time that I cannot tell you. For example, if you put a blue or green stripe on my body in between, then my body You will also see it cut into parts, so this kind of effect was created at that time. A complete mold was prepared to show different parts of Kumbhkaran’s body, which resembled Kumbhkaran. His hands were made from plaster of Paris. When the scene of cutting of hands was shown, the hands made of plaster of Paris were shown falling down.

According to Sunil Lahiri, the beheading scene was the most interesting in this entire scene. When the head falls into water after being cut, water splashes. For this shot, chroma effect was given inside the water tank. And in the chroma effect, the molded head was thrown into the water wearing a crown.

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