In the nineties, this show of Doordarshan used to do the work of social media, like this it used to reunite separated people with their loved ones.

You must have often seen such posts on Facebook or Instagram or any social media which contain information about a missing child. Along with this, there is also a request that if this child is seen anywhere, to which address he should be returned. Imagine how this work would have been done when there was no social media. It is obvious that both complaints and records of missing persons were registered with the police. But there was some means which could provide information about missing people to as many people as possible.

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This segment of Doordarshan became helpful

At that time a segment used to air on Doordarshan. Which played the role of social media in today’s era and was even more effective. An Instagram handle named The Nineties India has shared a video of that segment of Doordarshan. In the beginning an anchor is seen who says that this is the missing search center of Doordarshan. After this, one by one the pictures of those people who have gone missing appear. Information about name, age and place was also shared along with those photographs.

children found a home

This segment also proved to be very helpful due to which some children who used to wander away from home unknowingly reached home again. In the comment section also, a user shared the information that he himself had lost his way home. But an uncle saw his picture in the missing search center on Doordarshan, recognized him and sent him home. One user wrote that his grandmother did not understand Hindi. But as soon as this segment came, she started praying that all the children could get their homes. Some users, after watching this video, also want to know where the people whose pictures are seen are today.

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