IPL 2015 video goes viral, this was Virat Kohli’s expression after seeing Anushka’s performance in IPL before marriage

IPL 2024 has started. Virat Kohli played his first match against Chennai Super Kings in which he scored a quick 21 runs. The star cricketer was away from the game for some time as he was performing his father duties. Recently they welcomed son Akay. Akay was born in London. Now Virat Kohli has returned to the country. She won hearts by giving good wishes to the Royal Challengers Bangalore women’s team that won WPL 2024. Amidst this season of IPL, fans are remembering Anushka Sharma who is now busy with her new born baby Akay.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s fans shared old video

The Internet has made it possible for fans to easily bring back old memories. Now a fan has shared a clip of Anushka Sharma’s performance in Bengaluru for IPL 2015. In this, Virat Kohli is smiling after seeing the performance of the actress. This video is also becoming quite popular on YouTube. We can clearly see young Kohli looking at Anushka carefully. This couple got married very secretly in 2017.

Virat Kohli praised Anushka Sharma in his interview

Virat Kohli has praised Anushka Sharma for bringing balance in his life. He said that if he does not perform well on the ground, he will be very disappointed. Anushka Sharma has helped him not to worry about on-field matters when he is off the field. He also described Anushka as a very spiritual person. The cricketer said that she believes in normal life.

Well, fans are hoping to see Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli together on the field at least once during IPL 2024. If Bengaluru wins this year, it will be a double bonus for them.

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