It’s summer season, theaters are deserted so don’t worry, watch these five films on OTT, you will laugh and understand too.

It is summer season. No Bollywood or big film is being released this week. Anyway, Lok Sabha elections 2024 are going on. In such a situation the question arises what to do this weekend. So don’t worry in such a situation. The craze of OTT platform has become very popular among the people. With its arrival, the hassle of people going out to watch movies has ended and you can also watch your favorite movie on any OTT platform whenever you want. With this, you get entertained at any time and your mood also becomes better. In this summer season, we will tell you some movies which you can watch at home on weekends. With this, your day will pass smoothly and you will also become happy.

This film is very wonderful. This is the story of a man who has prepared his bucket list and when he comes to know that he is going to die, he sets out to fulfill his unfulfilled wishes. Vinay Pathak, Sarita Joshi and Rajat Kapoor are seen in lead roles in this film. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Udaan is a film which teaches you a lot. This is the story of a boy who returns home after being suspended from school. After coming home, his father asks him to work in a factory whereas he wants to become a writer. You can watch this film on Netflix.

this bad life
Ye Saali Zindagi is a crime thriller film. Irrfan Khan was seen in the lead role in this. This film is full of suspense. You must watch this film of Prakash Jha. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

my dream money money
This film of Ritesh Deshmukh is full of comedy. If you see this you will not stop laughing. It will be fun to see Ritesh Deshmukh in the avatar of a girl in the film. You can watch this film on ZEE5.

Malamal Weekly
It is worth seeing how people go crazy after money and how much comedy happens in between. The acting of Rajpal Yadav and Paresh Rawal is amazing. You can watch this film on Netflix.

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