Kajal Raghwani and Rani Chatterjee got into a scuffle, they hit each other with brooms, you will be stunned to see the movie clip of Badi Bahu and Chotki Bahu

Kajal Raghwani Fight With Rani Chatterjee in Badki Bahu Chutki Bahu: Kajal Raghwani and Rani Chatterjee are one of the best actresses of Bhojpuri industry. People are crazy about their acting and when both of them come together, they create a stir. Kajal Raghwani and Rani Chatterjee are seen together in the Bhojpuri film Badki Bahu Aur Chotki Bahu. In this film, both have played the role of sister-in-law and sister-in-law. The love and quarrel between the two in the film has made people crazy. In front of everyone, this sister-in-law pair is seen fighting with each other but from inside both were together. A video of this film is going viral in which Kajal Raghwani and Rani Chatterjee are seen fighting terribly. Everyone is shocked to see them fighting like this.

In the Bhojpuri film Badki Bahu Chotki Bahu, Rani Chatterjee plays the role of the elder sister-in-law while Kajal plays the role of the younger sister-in-law. Both of them pretend to fight to unite their in-laws. A wall is built in the middle of the house in which the mother lives with one son and the father lives with the other. Rani and Kajal fight fiercely with each other to unite their in-laws. They sometimes throw brooms at each other and sometimes utensils. Even the fans were shocked to see such a fight between the two.

Rani Chatterjee and Kajal Raghwani create ruckus in Badki Bahu Chotki Bahu

Fans are giving a lot of love to this video of Kajal Raghwani and Rani Chatterjee’s film Badki Bahu Chotki Bahu. Fans are liking the banter and love between the two. One fan wrote – who likes this film. While another wrote – Rani or Kajal, who is your favorite. One wrote – we have been waiting for the film for a long time. Upload it soon. It has not even been 24 hours since this film was uploaded and it has received more than 18 lakh views. This video of Badki Bahu Chotki Bahu is trending.

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