Karisma Kapoor’s son Kiyan will become Bollywood’s next superstar, looking at his looks and personality people said – he has gone to Lolo

Karisma Kapoor was the top actress of her time. Karisma Kapoor ruled the Bollywood industry in the 90s. However, even now the number of his fans has not decreased at all. Even today people like to see the actress as much as before. Karisma Kapoor may not be very active in films anymore, but her presence is visible on social media. At the same time, fans are excited to see Karisma’s daughter Adara. In this sequence, a video of Karisma Kapoor has started going viral on social media, in which she is seen with her son Kiaan.

This video has been shared from the official Insta page of Instant Bollywood. You can see Karishma and Kiyan in the video. In the video, Karishma is looking as glamorous as ever, but this time Kiyan has taken all the limelight. In the video you can see that Kiyan has become equal to Karishma’s height. Kian is looking quite cool in white T-shirt and lower. After this video surfaced, people have started reacting to it.

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Commenting on the video, a fan wrote, ‘Wow Kyan has grown so much. Absolutely gone to Lolo’. So another user has written, ‘Karisma is much better than Kareena’. So another user writes, ‘Karishma’s son seems very down to earth’. In this way people are reacting fiercely to this video.

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