Little girl did such a wonderful dance on Pushpa’s ‘Oo Antava’, other girls came down from the stage

Wedding function is special for the bride and groom. It is very special for his family members also. Especially the small children of the house are extremely excited about the marriage of their uncle, maternal uncle, brother and sister. Children are excited to show their dance performance with pomp and show. A video of a girl setting fire on the stage at a home wedding is going viral these days. You will also become her fan after seeing the dance steps and expressions of this girl.

Nice dance on Pushpa’s song

In this video shared on Instagram, three girls are seen standing on the stage to dance in a wedding function. Two of these girls look hesitant and stand silently, but the third girl, Samantha, dances so well on the song ‘Oo Antava’ from the film Pushpa, filmed on actress Ruth Prabhu, that the viewers just keep watching. People in the audience start clapping and whistling and everyone’s eyes are fixed on this little doll. Along with dancing, she also gives amazing expressions.

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received lots of praise

Within just two days of the video being shared, it has been viewed 4 million times and has received more than 1.5 lakh likes. Commenting on the video, people are praising this girl a lot. One user wrote, Arya rocked, public shocked. Another wrote, Expression Queen. Another user wrote, it is even better than the original.

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