Little girl’s dance on the song More Bansi Bajaiya made the elders fail, even Madhuri Dixit was impressed by the cute dancer’s expression.

Dancing videos go viral on social media every day, some of which are such that you and I are astounded after seeing them. Similarly, a video of a dance reality show is trending a lot on social media, in which an approximately 5 year old girl is seen dancing classical Bharatnatyam and giving such expressions that you will also say that next to her is Madhuri. Dixit and Aishwarya Rai have also failed. So let us show you today this video of a little girl, which will make your day after watching it.

Little girl’s dance on More Bansi Bajaiya song

A small video clip of the dance reality show has been shared on a page created with the name muskanseth108 on Instagram. In this video, a girl wearing a white colored Bharatnatyam costume is seen doing classical Bharatnatyam dance on Baahubali’s song Kanha So Jaa Zara and as soon as she started giving her expressions, even the judges got impressed and seeing her dance steps and postures, you They will also say that he is a born dancer. At the same time, Madhuri Dixit, who was sitting on the judges’ chair, was also completely shocked after seeing the dance and expression of this girl.

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People said- expression queen

This girl’s dance on the song Kanha So Ja Zara is going viral on social media and hundreds of people have liked it so far. Someone praised the girl’s expression, while someone praised her perfect posture. One user wrote that even Madhuri Dixit is failing in terms of expression. While posting this video it has also been written – Naughty dance of a naughty girl. In fact, seeing the way this girl is doing mischievous acts with her eyes and trying to put Kanha ji to sleep with her cute expressions, even the flute player would easily agree.

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