Madhuri Dixit was advised to pack her bag after back to back flop films, this 27 year old film with SRK left everyone talking.

In the world of Bollywood, as soon as an actor’s star reaches its peak, it does not take much time for it to fall down. A few hit films get the number one crown and as soon as the films get beaten, that crown also comes under threat. Something similar happened with this actress also. Who gave many hit films back to back. Apart from his acting, he also created a special identity on the basis of his dance. Not only this, she also got the title of Dancing Queen of Bollywood. But after three films, he started getting advice to pack back.

three films flopped

This actress is Madhuri Dixit, who has worked hard to build her career in Bollywood and then to remain established. His debut was with a flop movie named Abodh. After this he worked in films like Manav Hatiya, Swati, Uttar Dakshin and Hifazat. These films also could not show anything special. After this, Madhuri Dixit started becoming famous because of the film Dayavaan. Then Madhuri Dixit continued giving hit after hit movies. But in the year 1996 again his throne started wavering. Prem Granth, Rajkumar and Koyla movies flopped back to back. Madhuri Dixit herself told in an interview that after the failure of three films, people from the film industry started advising her to pack her bags and return home.

Stopped talking about this film

Madhuri Dixit was upset after hearing the taunts of her own people. But she was constantly trying to change this identity. Meanwhile, he was offered the movie Dil To Pagal Hai. This film was a huge hit. People also liked the pairing of Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan very much. The songs and dance of the film were also very much liked. After which Madhuri Dixit stopped talking to those people who were advising her to return home.

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