Madhuri Dixit’s elder sisters are exactly alike in looks and talent, one became a star and the other always supported her behind the scenes.

Madhuri Dixit has earned a lot of name in Bollywood. There was a time when Madhuri Dixit had absolute rule over the throne of the film industry. Be it dance or acting, whenever there was talk about actresses, only Madhuri Dixit’s name was mentioned. She is also called the dancing queen of Bollywood. She was at such a peak in her career that her professional life was always in the news but there was never any discussion about her personal life or family. Meanwhile, no one ever tried to know who was in his family. Another factor was that there was no social media at that time. On which celebrities can share pictures of their family. In such a situation, very few people were able to know who lived in their family and what they did.

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Madhuri Dixit is the youngest

Madhuri Dixit was born in a Marathi Brahmin family. His father’s name is Shankar Dixit and mother’s name is Snehlata Dixit. Madhuri Dixit is the youngest daughter of her family. He has two elder sisters and one elder brother. Madhuri Dixit’s sisters’ names are Rupa Dixit and Bharti Dixit. His only brother’s name is Ajit Dixit. During Madhuri Dixit’s long film career, her family always remained behind the scenes. Even her die heart fans did not know who was who in Madhuri Dixit’s family. A few years ago, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Madhuri Dixit posted a picture of her mother and two sisters, then fans realized that Madhuri Dixit also has two real sisters.

Away from films proficient in dance

Madhuri Dixit started getting interested in dance at the age of three. Then he started taking training in Kathak. Along with him, his sister also started learning Kathak. When Madhuri Dixit’s interest in films increased, she started trying her luck in Bollywood. During this period, his entire family stood as his support system. From sister to parents helped Madhuri Dixit in fulfilling her dreams. She herself stayed away from films but made Madhuri Dixit a star.

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