Meena Kumari did not like this actress at all, the tragedy queen wanted to beat her with slippers, the reason will surprise you

Every person who likes Bollywood must know Madhubala and Meena Kumari. Both of you are very beautiful actresses of yesteryear who have made a special place in the hearts of people on the basis of their acting. The special thing is that both the actresses are from the same distance and both are known for their beauty. On one hand, Madhubala was named Venus of Hindi Cinema due to her wild beauty and crazy smile, on the other hand, Meena Kumari was known as Mallika of Acting.

Both Madhubala and Meena Kumari’s names are taken with great pride in the world of acting. But do you know that relations between the two have never been good.

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two nymphs in one frame

Now just look at this picture, you will see two Apsaras together in the same frame. In this old picture, both the veteran actresses are seen standing together and looking at each other. Both the actresses are in traditional look and are seen wearing saree. In this picture of Madhubala and Meena Kumari, the beautiful and heart-wrenching smile of both can be seen. Even though a deep friendship is visible between the two in the picture, it is said that in real life there was a lot of bitterness in their relationship. Let us tell you what was the reason for hatred.

This was the reason for hatred

Meena Kumari did not like Madhubala at all. The reason for this was not profession but something else. Actually the reason behind this was Meena Kumari’s love life. Now the same question might be arising in your place also that what was the matter. Meena Kumari liked one thing about Madhubala so much that sometimes she wanted to beat her with slippers. Let us tell you that the age of Madhubala and Meena Kumari was almost the same. Both of them also died at a very young age. But what happened between them that Meena Kumari started hating Madhubala. Actually, the reason for hatred towards Madhubala was none other than Kamal Amrohi. Very few people know that Madhubala was a more heart-loving beauty than she was beautiful. So, Kamal Amrohi’s name was also there in the list of Madhubala’s strangers.

How did love begin?

What happened was that Kamal Amrohi made a film Mahal in 1949, in which he saw Madhubala with Ashok Kumar. This film was a superhit film. This film made Madhubala a star. During the shooting of the film, Kamal and Madhubala spent a lot of time together and during this time Madhubala fell in love with the director. When Madhubala told him about her feelings, how could he have rejected the love of such a beautiful girl. Kamal could not convince Madhubala. It is said that Madhubala was adamant about marrying Kamal Amrohi and from here everything started going wrong. When Meena Kumari came to know about this, she became red with anger. He was afraid of the breakup of his relationship. And since then Meena Kumari started hating Madhubala very much.

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