Neetu Kapoor reveals Rishi Kapoor was a very strict boyfriend, the actress was not allowed to party

Actress Neetu Kapoor has made a lot of revelations about her personal and family life in Koffee with Karan 8. She has also made a surprising revelation about her husband, late actor Rishi Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor recently reached Karan Johar’s show with veteran actress Zeenat Aman. During this, both the actresses talked a lot to the filmmaker. Neetu Kapoor has revealed in Karan Johar’s show that Rishi Kapoor was a very strict boyfriend and he did not allow the actress to party heavily.

Recalling an old incident, Neetu Kapoor told in Koffee with Karan 8 that when she used to shoot with Yash Chopra, there used to be parties late at night. But he never partied heavily there because Rishi Kapoor had forbidden him to do so. Neetu Kapoor said, ‘We had a great time, especially with Yash ji (Chopra). Used to party at night, used to play Antakshari, used to play Dumb Sharad. So, that was a lot of fun, like a picnic. But I had Rishi Kapoor as my boyfriend. So, I never partied. Because he always used to say, don’t do this, don’t do that, come home. So, I never saw how they used to party in those days.

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Concluding her talk, Neetu Kapoor said, ‘I was a committed person because I had a very strict mother and strict boyfriend. So, I was stuck between them. Apart from this, Neetu Kapoor has talked about many other things. Let us tell you that before getting engaged on April 13, 1979, Neetu dated Rishi for some time. After this, they got married on January 22, 1980. Neetu had left acting after her marriage. Then after a long time he returned to the world of acting.

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