Neither Amitabh Bachchan, nor Vinod Mehra, nor Mukesh Aggarwal…this actor was the first person in Rekha’s life!

Bollywood’s evergreen beauty Rekha is as much known for her beauty and acting as her love story. There is much more and unheard information about Rekha’s personal life than people know. When Rekha came into the industry, stories and controversies also came with her. Although it did not make much difference to Rekha, there was a lot of talk about Rekha’s life in the film world. Today we are going to tell you one such unheard story related to Rekha’s life. Before the arrival of Amitabh Bachchan in Rekha’s life, another person had entered. You will definitely be surprised to know the name of that person.

Rekha had fallen in love with Mehboob Khan’s son 

It is said that when Rekha was shooting for Umrao Jaan, Sajid Khan, the adopted son of Mehboob Khan, director of the superhit film Mother India, entered her life. Sajid Khan was adopted by Mehboob Khan and you can also see Sajid Khan in a small role in the film Mother India. Sajid Khan was very smart and handsome. Mehboob Khan had sent Sajid to London to study and when Sajid returned, he had transformed into a qualified person with a great personality. When Rekha saw Sajid Khan, she kept looking at him and her heart fell on Sajid Khan. After this, Rekha and Sajid Khan started being seen together in Bollywood parties.

Some? Went abroad after doing films  

Talking about Sajid, he was born in a slum of Mumbai but when Mehboob Khan adopted him, his life changed. Mehboob Khan introduced Sajid as Chhote Birju in Mother India and he was well liked. Even after Mother India, Sajid did many films which included some English films also. Rekha and Sajid became famous in the media as a couple for a few years and then they separated. It is said that someone else had come into Sajid’s life and Rekha also moved forward, leaving this relationship behind. Recently Sajid Khan passed away at the age of 70 while fighting cancer.

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