Neither an actor nor a director, yet this person is invited to weddings by paying huge sums of money, even star kids bow before him

Orhaan Avtarmani aka Auri is known for partying with top Bollywood celebs. The flamboyant social media personality Aury is best friends with Janhvi Kapoor, Nysa Devgan, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday. In an interview with Forbes India, Auri told how much he earns by participating in events. Auri told how he makes people ‘happy and happening’ by attending their parties. He said, “Right now my focus is on spreading the message of happiness. It connects with people, helps me grow and allows me to attend events that bring happiness to others and me. These appearances At present this is my primary source of income.”

Orry, who is known for his ‘I am a liver’ catch phrase, said that he is asked to attend weddings ‘not as a guest but as a friend’. He said, “People invite me to weddings and they are happy to pay me between ₹15 lakh to ₹30 lakh. They want me to attend not as a guest but as a friend.

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ory merchandise

Ori also talked about his special product limited edition t-shirts which include his emoji, key chains, bag tags and stickers. These things are currently only for gifting. Speaking about people’s craze for his merchandise, Auri recalled how during Christmas 2023, he gifted some Auri merchandise and his team received calls from Delhi and Haryana. Where people ‘wanted to order more than 300 of these hampers to give as gifts.’ He said that he received many requests to sell these items. But for now ‘this is just a way of praise.’

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