Neither Pathan, nor Jawan, nor Pushpa… Ranbir Kapoor’s Ramayan will be the most expensive film of Indian cinema! the budget came out

These days, Ranbir Kapoor’s Ramayana is being discussed everywhere. While unseen pictures are coming out from the sets of the film, discussion is going on among the fans regarding the cast. But the biggest news of all is now in the headlines. That is the budget of the film. Actually, Ramayana Part One, directed by Nitish Tiwari, is going to be the most expensive film of Indian cinema, whose budget will be 100 million USD. If its budget is seen in Indian Rupees, even the fans will say that in this amount many people will become gaydars.

Actually, according to the report of Bollywood Hungama, a source has said that Ramayana is not a film but an emotion and the makers are leaving no opportunity to show it across the world. The same source has told that Namit Malhotra, who is the producer of the film. He has kept a budget of USD 100 million i.e. 835 crores for Ramayana Part One. Whereas as this franchise increases, the budget will also increase.

It is noteworthy that Ranbir Kapoor’s film Brahmastra, released in the year 2022, was made with a budget of Rs 450 crore, which was one of the expensive Hindi films. Along with the budget of Ramayana, it is his second most expensive film. The post production of this film is going to take 600 days, which is creating excitement in the hearts of the fans.

Let us tell you, Pathan’s budget was Rs 240 crores. Whereas the budget of Jawan had reached Rs 370 crore. Whereas the budget of Pushpa 2 is said to be up to 500 crores, which is still less than Ramayana. However, what will be the box office result? This will be known in the coming days.

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