Neither social media posts, nor any online updates, this was how information about Doordarshan’s programs was given in those times.

Nowadays, when any film or show comes on OTT, they share its complete details on their official post on Instagram. Sometimes through posts on social media, sometimes reels, sometimes through promos, every platform tells when which show or film is to be launched on it. But this was not the case in the era of Doordarshan. First of all, it was not the era of internet. So the information about when and what will be shown on Doordarshan throughout the week was given once a week and that too through a programme.

daily schedule

Every week a special show used to come on Doordarshan. This show was called Daily Schedule. Initially this type of show used to come only once a week. When a graceful anchor wearing a saree used to stand at one place and give information about the upcoming programs throughout the week. After this, such shows started coming daily in a slot, in which it would be told what will come when. The Instagram handle named Star Retro has shared one such old video, in which an anchor is giving information about the shows aired on January 1, 1994.

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simple days

Seeing the simplicity of the anchors in this post, the children of the nineties are remembering those days. One user wrote that watching this video reminded him of his childhood days. One user wrote that the second one was only Shahrukh Khan’s show, after whose departure he was very sad. One user commented that the memories of that period are very refreshing.

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