New twist in Anupama serial, Anuj Kapadia will ignore his wife in front of Shruti, fans said – what next…

Anupama Written Episode In Hindi: What is going to happen in Anupama serial? How will Anupama and Anuj meet again? The audience has been waiting for the answers to these questions for a long time after the leap. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, the dream of #Maan fans will be fulfilled and Anupama and Anuj will meet. But there is a twist in this too, which may disappoint the fans. However, the new twist will be quite interesting for the viewers of the serial.

Talking about the latest episode, Anupama has reached America. Where she is seen working in a cafe. Anuj’s girlfriend Shruti has become his friend. But he is unaware of who Anuj is. However, Aadhya i.e. younger Anu has met Anupama, due to which she is trying her best to keep Anuj away from Anupama. But the new twist in the upcoming episode will change the plot.

In the upcoming episode you will see that Anupama will come face to face with her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia. But he will refuse to recognize Anupama in front of Shruti, due to which Anupama will be heartbroken. However she will focus on her career. While Aadhya will be seen preparing for her father’s wedding.

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