No one could match the stardom of this child seen with his mother, today there is nothing in front of him Ramcharan, NTR, Prabhas…what to recognize?

Fans love to see the pictures of Bollywood stars and especially when the picture is from their childhood, it is a different thing! Bollywood fans are desperate to know everything about their favorite stars. The lifestyle of these stars also attracts people a lot. In the race of childhood photos, the black and white photo of another star is currently trending on the internet. After seeing this photo, people have started sweating. Very few people are able to recognize this superstar, who rules the entire world today.

If you have not recognized yet, then let us tell you that the child sitting on the bed with the mother is none other than King Khan i.e. Shahrukh Khan. In this picture he can be seen with his mother Latif Fatima Khan. It is difficult to recognize Shahrukh in this years old photo. In the photo, Shahrukh is seen only a few months old. In the photo, Shahrukh’s mother is lying behind and Shahrukh is sitting in front of her and laughing loudly. Shahrukh does not even have hair on his head in this photo. This photo of Shahrukh has surfaced from a fan page.

Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction today. Shahrukh has been in the film industry for years and till now he has worked in many hit films. Shahrukh remains the uncrowned king of Bollywood these days. The actor’s three back to back blockbuster films Pathan, Jawan and Danki have put him ahead of many well-known South superstars like Junior NTR, Ramcharan and Prabhas.

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