No trend, no promotion… This South film, released on January 26, earned its budget in just seven days, did you notice?

Upadhyaksha 7 Days Box Office Collection: On January 25, four films were released at the box office, which include Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone’s Fighter, Mohanlal’s Malaikotai Valiban, Blue Star and Singapore Salon. But on the occasion of 26th January, the whole country was celebrating Republic Day. Also on this day, a South film was released, which achieved its budget collection in just seven days without any social media trend or promotion. The earnings are still continuing at the box office.

We are talking about Kannada comedy drama film Vice President, released on 26 January, which is directed by Anil Kumar and produced by Smita Umpati, starring Chikkanna and Malaika Vasupal in lead roles, Rockline Sudhakar, P Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila, Veena Sundar and Dharmanna Kadur is seen in an important role. The budget of the film is said to be Rs 4 crore. Whereas at the box office the film has earned between 3 to 4 crores worldwide. Whereas in India it has achieved a collection of more than 2.78.

Talking about the story, Narayan hinders Shivarudre Gowda’s work in Gejepura. Whereas he falls in love with Gowda’s own daughter Anjali. He goes further and takes her away against her father’s wishes. The trailer of this completely funny story has already won the hearts of the fans. It is noteworthy that apart from this film, Singapore Salon has also made a name for itself by achieving budget earnings. Whereas the discussion about Fighter is in full swing, which is getting love from the audience. But the performance of these low budget films at the box office is worth watching.

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