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Bollywood i.e. Hindi film industry is considered to be the industry of male actors. Where the movie sells and becomes a hit only on the strength of the hero. This is the reason why actors have always dominated heroines in every era. She has been getting more than both the actresses in fees and roles. But one actress has been an exception in this matter, who got more fees than the hero for some of her films and roles and films were also written keeping her in focus. Not only in Bollywood, this actress has had a lot of influence in the South industry also. This actress is Sridevi. Who is also called the first lady superstar of Bollywood.

Sridevi, who ruled two industries, did not speak the Hindi dialogues of any of her films herself for almost ten years. Sridevi, who belonged to the South, had very bad Hindi. That’s why her initial movies were dubbed by some other actress. Rekha has dubbed many of his films.

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Sridevi was also very serious about discipline during her career. Coming on time and completing the film on time was his special habit. There is also an incident that his father died during the film Lamhe. After coming back he had to do a comedy scene. Instead of postponing this scene, Sridevi did it at the scheduled time and did not let anyone know of her sorrow.

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During the shooting of the film Chaalbaaz, he had to sing a song in the rain. At that time she was suffering from fever. But in order to finish the schedule on time, instead of postponing the shooting, he performed the song with full energy.

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In the 1980s, Sridevi earned Rs 10 lakh. Used to charge fees of Rs. This was the highest fee an actress received at that time. Not only this, he charged more fees than the hero for some movies including Naagin.

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By the year 2015, Sridevi had worked in about 300 films including Hindi and South. Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp was also shocked to hear this. He also wanted to know its secret from Sridevi.

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