Not only Salaar and KGF, this film of Prashant Neel is also a blockbuster, have you seen the movie which earned seven times more than the budget?

Prashanth Neel Debut Film Collection: Discussion about Prashanth Neel’s direction is being seen everywhere these days. First KGF, then KGF 2 and then Salaar have increased the excitement level among the fans regarding their upcoming films. But do you know that the craze for his films started 10 years ago. Actually, Prashant Neel’s debut film was also a blockbuster, which earned seven times more than the budget, which created a stir among the fans about his upcoming films.

Actually, we are talking about the film Ugram, released on 21 February 2014, which was directed by Prashant Neel. In this film, Shri Murali, Haripriya, Tilak and Avinash were seen in important roles. Talking about the budget, the Rs 4 crore film earned more than Rs 30 crore at the box office.

According to IMdb, Murali’s last hit film before the release of Ugram was Kanti, which was his second film. Whereas Ugram can perhaps be called the reincarnation of Murali. Sri Murali’s last hit film was 12 years ago.

The debut of director Prashant Neel proved to be successful. The fans liked the story a lot. Actually, the story was such that a man with a dangerous past must save a girl from people who are hell-bent on killing her. This film had won 3 awards in 11 nominations.

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