On Rahul Gandhi’s request, Shahrukh Khan gave this advice to the leaders, Manmohan Singh was seen clapping

For more than three decades, Shah Rukh Khan has won the hearts of millions in India and around the world with his unmatched charisma and talent. Recently, an old video of this Bollywood star has come into the limelight again. This clip not only shows Shah Rukh’s charm but also gives a glimpse of his views on political integrity. In this viral clip, Shah Rukh, who is known for his intelligence and charm, was at an event where big political giants were present. While talking to him here, Rahul had asked him what advice he has for politicians? Shah Rukh had given a very good answer to this question.

The actor looks nervous for a while on Rahul Gandhi’s question…first laughs and then responds with a funny comment. He said, “Look who you asked!” Shah Rukh Khan makes a funny comparison between his profession and the world of politics. He says, “My job is to ‘lie and cheat’, so I just pretend. I am an actor”. At this, the people present there start laughing and clapping. Shah Rukh does not stop here. As soon as the people are silent, he changes gears to give his honest advice.

“I think the only idea should be to work honestly and be proud of your country,” Shah Rukh says, starting off seriously. “Love the country and don’t take money under the table. If we work properly, we will all make money. We will all be happy and we will become a great and proud nation,” he concludes. “So my advice to all politicians is to be as honest as possible.”

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