Once stole money from brother’s wallet, today he is called Salman Khan of Bhojpuri, net worth is more than 41 crores…what to know?

When it comes to superstars of Bhojpuri films, Pawan Singh’s name is bound to come up in it. With one of his songs, Lollipop Lagelu, Pawan Kumar had captured the entire glory of Bhojpuri cinema. Today Pawan Singh’s name is well known not only among Bhojpuri film lovers but also in entire UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Very few people who have seen him at this stage would know that Pawan Singh’s childhood days were very difficult. To run his household he has sung songs with all his might. Once it even came to the point of theft.

stole money from brother’s wallet

When Pawan Singh was young, he had stolen ten rupees from his brother’s wallet. In times of poverty, the brothers and sisters barely earned Rs. Used to meet. In such a situation, the brother was very upset that ten rupees were stolen and he started beating Pawan Singh. While narrating this story, Pawan Singh himself had said in an interview that today the same brother is proud of him that Pawan Singh has now become such a big name, whose identity is known all over the world.

Sing songs by splashing eyes

The magic of Pawan Singh’s voice has been working on people since childhood. When he was very young, his uncle used to take him on a bicycle to sing songs in different meetings. Meanwhile, whenever he fell asleep, he would wake him up by splashing water on his eyes, because if Pawan Singh had not been singing, he would not have had the money to run the house. Due to his hard work, Pawan Singh is today the owner of crores. He has a luxurious bungalow. Apart from that he also drives luxury cars. His net worth is said to be more than Rs 41 crore.

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