One and a half hour film, budget of Rs 60 lakh and earned Rs 9 crore, the story is such that you will burst out laughing

Thousands of films are made in Bollywood every year. Some of these have very high budgets and some are prepared with only a small budget. Every film maker invests money thinking that a film with a higher budget will run longer, but sometimes it happens that even a very low budget film turns out to be a blockbuster hit. Such films can be called ‘Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka’. One such low-budget comedy film was released in 2007, which made everyone crazy. Made for just Rs 60 lakh, this film made the makers rich by doing a business of Rs 9 crore at the box office. Even today people watch this film to lighten their mind and laugh.

Bheja Fry was launched in 2007
Yes, we are talking about the 2007 comedy film Bheja Fry. People still laugh out loud after watching this cult comedy directed by Sagar Bellary. Vinay Pathak had set the film on fire with his acting and comedy. Along with Vinay Pathak, the film had brilliant actors like Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Milind Soman and Ranveer Shorey. The film was released on 13 April and through word of mouth publicity, it created a stir in the theatres. The film also received a lot of praise from critics. This film was inspired by the 1998 Hollywood movie The Dinner Game. The magic of the film was Vinay Pathak who fit so well into the role of a talkative person that the viewers just kept watching.

Vinay Pathak’s tremendous comedy made the film a hit.

The film is based on an amateur singer named Vinay Pathak i.e. Bharat Bhushan, who is an Income Tax Clerk by profession. Bharat Bhushan plays a Thadani and goes to a party at Rajat Kapoor’s house as a guest and then with his words, he licks the brains of the people present there in such a way that the audience goes crazy laughing. Along with the brilliant acting of the actors in the film, the amazing dialogues also impressed people a lot. In the film, Bharat Bhushan Thadani, his wife, her lover and Thadani’s girlfriend talk amazing things, hearing which people get scared.

Comic timing and expressions won hearts

Vinay Pathak’s amazing expressions and dialogue delivery made this situational comedy even more special. Some of his dialogues were like – as I was saying, Bharat Bhushan’s story is told through songs. Every person in the film played his role with great intensity and this simple but amazing movie really made people laugh.

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