‘Our boys are lazy chickens…’ Rohit Sharma, who arrived with Shreyas Iyer on The Great Indian Kapil Show during IPL, said this big thing.

Kapil Sharma has once again made a comeback with his laughter show and this time he is not seen on TV but on the OTT platform Netflix. This time the name of Kapil’s show has also become a little international, his show has been named The Great Indian Kapil Show, which has started from March 30. On the first day of Kapil’s new show, Ranbir Kapoor, his sister and his mother came, who started the show by cutting the ribbon. Now this week, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma and batsman Shreyas Iyer are coming on Kapil’s show, a promo of this episode is also going viral on social media. In which Rohit can be seen revealing many interesting things related to cricket.

Kapil’s fun with Rohit

There is some conversation between Rohit Sharma and Kapil Sharma during the show, in which Rohit is answering Kapil’s questions. These answers are such that you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. In the promo of this episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show, it can be seen that Kapil is having a lot of fun with Rohit Sharma. Meanwhile, when Kapil asks Rohit Sharma that there are mics installed on both the stumps, have you ever preached to anyone in anger? To this, Rohit Sharma replied, “What can I do… these boys of ours are lazy chickens.” As soon as Rohit said this, everyone started laughing, during this time Rohit’s wife was also seen present there, she too could not stop laughing.

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